Cocktail tabe, poseur tables, high boys linen

Table Chic – Dressing Poseur Tables

High Boys, cocktail tables, bar tables - there are many names for these tables, some would call them eye sores. However we call them ‘Poseur Tables’. When deciding on the decor of your venue don’t out rule them as they can add a stylish element to your event.

Generally used at a cocktail hour of an event or in the pre-dinner area of a wedding or some other special occasion, poseur tables are usually left uncovered and looking drab.

We simply love to cover these nondescript pieces of furniture in beautiful linens as part of our clients unique style…

There are surprisingly many ways of dressing up these tables by using contrasting sashes and experimenting with different tying techniques.

A fun and different way to dress a poseur table is with a beautiful embroidered overlay.

Lycra stretch covers work well for corporate events too.

If you have a particular theme, and would like to dress up these sometimes sad tables…contact us, we would love to get our hands on them.